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WordPress E-Commerce Website Makes Web Marketing Easier

Websites are no longer stand alone online brochures. At least they shouldn’t be. Savvy marketers are using their websites as a virtual front door to their business; a place they can drive traffic to, have a dialogue, generate referrals and convert leads into sales.

At Spearhead, we figured out how to efficiently and effectively upgrade old html websites to modern day online communication tools. Stoett is a great example of the how web development has evolved. Their prior website was custom built with html code and had a proprietary admin area. Edits were costly and limited. They were ranked high on Google but then things began to change.

Google Forcing Web Marketers to be More Authentic

In 2012 and 2013, Google made some drastic changes to how websites were being ranked. The result was that companies had to do a better job of publishing content that Google searchers would value. Faking Google by using bogus back links to a website and loading the site with keywords everywhere is no longer an option.

Stoett Now Has a Publishing Machine

We did a competitive analysis, studied their old site and set goals for the new site. The look needed to be clean, uncluttered and efficiently share a lot of product information that their dealers wanted. At the same time, we needed a visual presentation that would inspire homeowners and encourage them to find a dealer.

The website has what we would call the basic building blocks: visual homepage with clear messaging, services, credentials, latest work, latest blogs posts, contact information and social share functions. They will soon have an automated lead conversion system that feeds homeowner leads to dealers automatically using our integrated marketing software, Office AutoPilot; aka OntraPort.

No More Set It and Forget It

Once the traffic patterns become clear, it’s time to make continuous improvements. We study total traffic, pages per visit, time on site and flow on a monthly basis. In a matter of minutes the content within the WordPress frame can be added to, edited, moved or replaced to make improvements. We circle back to the sales goals and then come up with a plan to leverage the website.  Now that’s progress.

Project Details

  • Client Stoett
  • Date January 7, 2014
  • Tags Web Design
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