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Rebranding?! Challenge Accepted.

Rebranding is always a challenge. Taking a well-known brand and changing the name and image is risky and, if not done well, can result in disaster. When our client, Spark Industries, purchased the remaining product line from Fast Heat, Inc. in December 2019, we knew we had a limited window to successfully rebrand before losing the rights to the Fast Heat name. Our project was multi-tiered and using our strategic marketing process, we mapped out the deliverables and launched our plan.



Strategic Marketing Plan
Sales Collateral
Trade Show Prep
Press Releases
Yext/Google Business Profile Maintenance
Digital Advertising
Monthly Support


Strategic Marketing Plan

Marketing strategy requires a deep understanding of the goals of the company. TheSpearhead Mission Vision Values Spearhead team takes the time to fully understand those goals before starting any creative process. 

An essential part of that process is executing a series of discovery exercises with leadership to define the company’s mission, vision, and values statements. We also identify specific target markets, craft a competitive positioning statement, and establish long and short-term goals before constructing a growth strategy plan.

Growth Strategy

To determine a growth strategy, we conduct a competitor review and keyword analysis, analyze consumer behaviors and map the buyer journey. SEO is an essential part of the growth strategy. We use the data we collect from our research and create a site map and URL structure that maximizes SEO.

As long-time Fast Heat employees, the new owners of Spark Industries had a solid understanding of the needs of their customers. They had a quality product that needed upgraded technology to serve their customers well into the future. The goals quickly became evident through the discovery process.

Spark Industries Goals

  • Ensure Spark Industries continues the Fast Heat legacy of high-quality products and technology
  • Maintain the brand recognition of Fast Heat while beginning the transition to Spark Industries.
  • Attract online traffic and generate leads for the Fast Heat product lines
  • Make it easy for customers to contact us for service and support.



The Fast Heat name is well known in the injection molding industry, so our first step was creating a co-branded logo during the transition.

Fast Heat by Spark Logo

Additionally, we created a logo for Spark Industries that integrated the same colors and an updated version of the spark in the Fast Heat logo design. We can combine the logos for maximum exposure for both brands as we move forward with making Spark Industries a household name in the injection molding industry.

Spark Industries Logo



Sales Collateral

When rebranding a product, there are always existing materials that provide quality content that need a simple update. The Spearhead team will evaluate existing collateral and update quality content before recommending a client take on the expense of recreating their entire catalog of materials. Updating sales collateral for the Spark Industries team is ongoing as we continue to create content for expos and events.


Web Design

All website projects at Spearhead move through the stages of our website process; we then narrow the focus based on the type of site you require. 

Basing the levels on a company’s needs and the desired Fast Heat by Spark Mobile Websiteresults also allows us to offer web design at different price points.

Level 1: Credentials Site
Level 2: Lead Generation Site
Level 3: E-Commerce Site

As with most websites, was a combination of the available levels. We needed to use the platform to educate current and potential customers, create lead generation for our sales team and create a small e-commerce site for web purchases of additional components and some of their turn-key products.

Check out the results at:


Trade Show Prep  

Trade Shows in the manufacturing industry can be essential for your marketing efforts. Trade Shows can also take an incredible amount of time and resources to pull together. Making sure that your booth is distinctive and noticeable and that you havSpark Industries Expo Set-upe everything you need for the expo is where we come in. 

The Spearhead team ensures you have everything you need to create a lasting impression on potential customers. We design and facilitate the printing of backdrops, banners, handouts, and promotional giveaways and ensure that you have everything in hand ready to go before your event.


Press Releases

Spearhead continues to write and distribute press releases as Spark Industries grows. We maintain a database of industry magazines and websites that specifically target their industry and work to establish contacts within the industry to expand their reach continuously.


Yext/Google Business Profile Maintenance

To gain the highest Google ranking possible, it is imperative that your business information is consistent across search engines and that that information is consistently updated. 

Using the Yext interface, the Spearhead team ensures that all of your business’s online information is accurate and consistent across over 100 search engines and online profiles. The Spearhead Team not only monitors Spark Industries’ online presence but also updates their profile twice per month so Google can see that not only does the business exist, but it is active. 

Updates may include adding images, updating holiday hours, refining the business profile, etc. This service is not only affordable but highly effective in the Google ranking race. Having your information consistent across all platforms sets the stage for successful digital advertising.


Digital Advertising

We are running both Google PPC and AdRoll retargeting ads for Spark Industries. Our campaign strategy focuses heavily on lead generation. We use the PPC ads to drive those prospects to your website and retargeting ads to re-engage those potential customers if they exit the page before completing a form fill.

 Retargeting ads are highly effective in re-connecting with customers who have visited a website or shown an interest in a product but haven’t taken that final step. 

The Spearhead Team maintains a weekly KPI dashboard for all our digital advertising clients to ensure that we are hitting our goals and can take quick action if we see something isn’t working. We are constantly testing, adjusting, and analyzing to ensure that our client’s advertising budget is optimized.


Ongoing Support

As with all our clients, we are readily available to Spark Industries for any of their marketing needs. We consider ourselves part of their team when we sign on with a client. We take on those quick day-to-day marketing tasks and longer-term projects to ensure mutual success for our team and clients. We Are Your Spear.

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  • Client Spark Industries
  • Date June 23, 2022
  • Tags AdRoll, Branding, Digital Advertising, Marketing-Automation and CRM, SEMRush, SEO & Web Performance Optimization, Strategic Planning, Web Design, Web Development, Yext
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