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CAE Services takes their marketing efforts to the next level with Google PPC

CAE Services | Moldflow Analysis Experts | Google PPC

CAE Services came to Spearhead Sales & Marketing for strategic help when it comes to increasing sales and website visibility.  After implementing a full strategic plan for CAE Services, we discovered two immediate fixes that would turn out to have a very successful and positive impact for CAE Services.

  • Website Structure
  • Advertising – More specifically, Google PPC

1.) Website Structure

When we first started working with CAE Services we immediately did a full website analysis using SEMRush.  At that moment in time, we had been tracking the following statistics for CAE Services (with relation to their website):

Visibility:    Low Visibility
The Visibility index is based on click-through rate (CTR) that shows a website’s progress in Google’s top 100 for keywords from the current tracking campaign. A zero-percent visibility means that the domain isn’t ranking in Google’s top 100 results for any of these keywords; and a 100-percent visibility means that the domain keeps the first position in the SERP for all of these keywords.

Estimated Traffic:  Medium Traffic
An estimation based on the average click-through rate of each position in Google’s results multiplied by the volume of the keyword, and divided by 30 (i.e., the number of days in a month). It shows the probability that a user will click on a domain’s search result depending on this domain’s position in the SERP.

Average Keyword Position Rank:  Medium Ranking
The average of your rankings for all keywords in your Position Tracking campaign. Any keyword you’re not ranking for will be assigned a rank of 100.

Number of Keywords listed in top 10:  Limited Keywords listed in top 10 
Two of those keywords were associated with their brand name.  If you have a website and you don’t have any keywords ranking in the top 10, please give us a call, as your website is either not being read by Google or there may be a major structural issue.

We share this information so you, the reader, can get a clear picture of how continuously enhancing your website with the help of properly established digital ads, can significantly impact the number of website visits and conversions for your company.

Now, if we compare the previous statistic results, with today’s numbers after CAE Services had a complete website overhaul (check out our post: “CAE Services Advanced WordPress Website Using Theme Co Pro“).  You will see a fairly sizable increase in data analysis across the board.

Increased Visibility:  647%
Increased Daily Traffic:  85%
Improved Ave Keyword Rank:  39%
Increased No. of Top 10 Keywords:  80% (added 13 to the top 3 position)


Restructuring CAE Services website plays a vital role in this increase because, as you will begin to understand, properly establishing a website from the foundational level (proper page URLs, Alt-Tags, Meta Descriptions, and Keyword selection) on up to the less structural items that do not impact SEO at first, but still play a significant role in the long term, such as: Videos, Images, Blog Posts and paragraph texts.  The overall goal of any website is to generate as much organic leads, traffic, visits, and engagements as possible.  Think of your website as your new business card.  It should be captivating but still precise on the information you represent to your visitors.  Google likes when you are clear and concise with your messaging.  However, this isn’t going to happen overnight.  Unlike a business card, websites need constant updates.  Also, the more clear and concise information you can provide, the better off you’ll be with SEO.

So what should we do while we are building our website SEO and organic traffic?

2.)  Google PPC

This is where digital advertising comes into play.  For CAE Services, we found the best ad engagement came from Google PPC.  Using best Google PPC strategies to set up Google PPC ads for CAE Services (For best strategies on Google PPC, see our post: “The Strategy Behind Best Google Pay-Per-Click Ads“), we were able to complement the new website build with instant traffic.  Digital Ad traffic isn’t free so be sure to catch up on your ad budgeting skills with our latest Google PPC blog post: “How to calculate Google PPC Direct Ad Spend“.  It’s a lengthy post, but if you have the discipline to study the post to its fullest, you will be an expert at calculating Google PPC Direct Ad Spend to successfully work for your company.

In conjunction with Ad Spend, it is imperative that your ads link to a properly structured landing page.  Fortunately for you, we have a great example of how we more than doubled CAE Services expectations, traffic, leads, and conversions.  The following information is meant to be used for educational purposes.  Also, with respect to our client’s privacy, we will not be showing any live data or analytics.

Spearhead Sales & Marketing provides winning Google PPC Ad Strategy for CAE Services

As mentioned above, CAE Services came to Spearhead Sales & Marketing for a solution to increase their overall traffic and most importantly, overall sales & conversions.  CAE was excited about new web updates and running some digital advertising to get a quick boost in traffic.  It is important to note that while ads are a quick fix, they are certainly not a permanent fix.  With that said, we recognized that we needed to start fresh with the website.  This is important because knowing that CAE wanted to do digital ads, we wanted to make sure CAE’s digital ads linked to a properly structured landing page for the best digital ad results.

Thankfully, with the patience of CAE Services, the new website build provided a strong avenue for digital ads that would soon pay off.  We started with the services and products that CAE wanted to focus on with their digital ads.  From there we ran a full keyword audit that would allow for our ads to be found with the most engagement and the least amount cost associated per keyword.  What we ended up with was a recipe for success that ultimately lead to a final result that exceeded the expectations of our client.

Even though we did a full rebuild of a website, this is not always the case needed for each client.  Sometimes it only takes a few minor web adjustments and a lot of patience and A/B ad testing while your digital ads continue to gather new data each and every week.  In a sense, one might say the key to successful Google PPC ad implementation is simply: PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE.

On a final note, simply setting up and running Google PPC ads does not automatically mean you will get instant traffic to your website.  In fact, the ads you have created may not be the most influential aspect towards increasing traffic.  You will want to do a full website audit before you decide to take the leap into digital advertising.  Once you are ready to take a step into the digital ad space to help grow your company’s website traffic and overall sales/conversions, you can connect with us for a free digital assessment here and we would be happy to make sure you are set up to win.

Thank you for tuning in today.  Please feel free to join us at Spearhead Sales & Marketing; as we would be happy to strategize your best path for success.

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  • Date May 3, 2021
  • Tags Digital Advertising, SEMRush, SEO & Web Performance Optimization, Traffic and Conversion, Web Design

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