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That’s like buying a new car and then putting it in storage. Other websites are put on a “maintenance” program with a web developer. This is typically where hours are pre-purchased at a discount and the developer “fixes” things as they break or in some cases proactively updates plugins, themes and WordPress versions.

Site audits using various tools such as SEMRush, WPengine, Google Search Console, etc with maintenance as required WordPress, Theme and Plugin Updates

Onsite SEO Optimization if keywords are provided (we pull from our SEMRush work if we built the site.) Includes Automated Google Review Process to boost SEO and build testimonials

Daily response to site editing and troubleshooting requests like uptime, DNS, broken links, crawl issues, mobile, etc (if less than $500, we will just do it and bill hourly, otherwise a quote will be provided.)

What does this mean for you?

No worries about your website.

Now, if you have traffic and conversion goals, there should also be a new content publishing
schedule in place and a plan for driving paid traffic to the site if needed.
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