Company Overview

Spearhead is a well-oiled, sales-driven marketing machine serving clients across the Midwest. We’ve been “turning gears” for system-oriented manufacturers, distributors, professional service firms, and software companies since 2006. Our team consists of the sharpest, most driven professionals in the business, specializing in content marketing, SEO, marketing automation, digital advertising, website development, and much more. At our core, we create impactful and sustainable systems that are technology enabled, creatively executed, and strategically deployed. Spearhead’s collective passion for building and sustaining profitable customer relationships is the key driver in our success. We invest in award-winning marketing automation tools that ensure campaigns are executed On-Target, On-Time and On-Budget so our clients realize a strong return on investment.


Mission – Maximum, Sustainable Impact.

We show up every day with a passion for developing relationships on behalf of our clients. It’s important because relationships create opportunities. Opportunities turn into sales, profits and healthy growth. When that growth is managed wisely, everyone wins including company owners, managers, employees, contractors, suppliers. The ripple effect on their families and their communities brings meaning to our work.


We systemize those things that are most critical to a healthy business, like relationship development and sales. Ironically, developing relationships and converting sales is often the least systemized area in most companies. We’re on a mission to change that.

Systems alone do not produce results. They need to be injected with creativity and professional communications. The marriage of creativity and systems is the heart of our slogan – “We put creativity to work.”


We’re guided by core values that enable everyone to do their best work while being their best self.

  • Process beats heroics
  • Continuous improvement – never stop growing 
  • Clarity comes first
  • Big picture mindset
  • Transparent intentions and genuine teamwork
  • Personal and professional freedom
  • Everyone has creative potential

We want to help people that value continuous improvement, clarity of pursuit, challenging the status quo, genuine teamwork, freedom, creativity, and WINNING. How can we help you?

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