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Digital Advertising is The Most Effective Way to Drive Web Traffic

Which channels, tools, and processes offer you the best way to increase your bottom line?  Our creative, technical and administrative talent will help you plan and develop your ads, maintain your budget, analyze your ad results, and leverage technology to follow up with leads.

Digital Advertising Levels


Google Business Profile

We optimize your business’ listing to increase your chances of showing up in Google’s Local Pack, Local Finder, Google Maps, and organic search.


One interface to control your business’ information across over 65 online profiles. Providing search engines with consistent and accurate information about your company improves your search ranking and increases customer trust. 

Level 1


Attract more leads, close more sales and build lasting relationships with your customers using an all-in-one business automation software platform. Systemize your business processes, relationship development and sales with Ontraport.


Automate new customer acquisition by targeting digital profiles similar to those of existing customers.


Retarget users who have visited your website and convert them into buyers. Segment your audience, launch dynamic ads, and gain insightful analytics with AdRoll.

Level 2


We optimize your Facebook advertising budget by focusing on your highest performing audiences and testing ad formats so you can get more leads, increase sales, and maximize your ROI.


Drive brand awareness, increase customers and share your story among highly engaged consumers. Narrow your target audience based on location, demographics, interests, behaviors, custom audiences, lookalike audiences, and automated targeting.


Effective ad positions, affordable cost-per-click and less competition – how can you go wrong? Over 133 million of users search on the Bing Network, that’s over ⅓ of America’s population!

Google Pay-Per-Click

Drive website visits, get more customers on the phone and increase store visits with Google advertising. Set a budget that works for your business and only pay for results, like clicks to your website or calls to your business.


Online video advertising campaigns get traction, build brand awareness and increase web conversions. With YouTube advertising, you gain insights on your most valuable customers – their interests, their habits, and what they’re planning to purchase.


Target professionals by job title, function, industry, interests, and more on the world’s largest professional network. Market to influencers, decision-makers and executives who act on new opportunities.

Level 3

Google Merchant

E-commerce is transforming business and daily life, with more than half of all purchases in the US taking place online. With Google Merchant, we can upload both store and product data to google and reach hundreds of millions of users shopping across Google.


Access a massive audience of confident customers by growing your e-commerce business with Amazon. Drive traffic to your products, set competitive prices, and provide exceptional customer experiences.

We generate thousands of leads and and 10’s of thousands in online sales per month from SEO, Yext, AdRoll retargeting, Google PPC, and Facebook advertising.


The Strategy Behind Best Google Pay-Per-Click Ads

The Strategy Behind Best Google Pay-Per-Click Ads

The Best Strategy Behind Google Pay-Per-Click Google, aka Alphabet company, has some of the best and most crucial web services and tools available for individuals, small businesses, or large corporations looking to make a strong digital presence.  No matter the size,...

Close The Distance With Marketing Automation

Close The Distance With Marketing Automation

In bringing a valuable product or service to the marketplace, how you engage with your consumer matters. As a result of Covid-19, it has become increasingly difficult to interact via face-to-face communication. Fortunately, the advancement of marketing automation...

How To Track Campaign Effectiveness with Google Campaign URL Builder

How To Track Campaign Effectiveness with Google Campaign URL Builder

A campaign is only as good as its outcome. How do you know if a campaign’s performance is up to par so that you get the return on investment you expect? Google Campaign URL Builder is a helpful tool that helps track each link you use in your campaign –...

Make Sure your Email Messages Make It to the IN Box

Make Sure your Email Messages Make It to the IN Box

Email is an important communication tool that people are using more and more every day, for both personal and business use. Unfortunately, studies show that 91% of all email sent is actually SPAM! Thankfully, most of us have some sort of spam-blocking process going on...

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