Your relationships. your revenue. your reputation.

We are your spear

Spearhead helps manufacturers, distributors, and professional service firms win more business. We are the region’s recognized leader in advanced marketing automation and technology such as Ontraport, SEMRush, WordStream, Google, AdRoll, Yext, and more.

 Your Brand

Clearly distinguish your organization from your competitors so you attract and retain loyal customers and stakeholders.

Your Website

Your website is your digital hub. It should attract target customers, provide them with relevant content and give them an appropriate next step.

Your Digital Advertising

We leverage marketing automation and technology to buy the right traffic, maximize conversions and keep leads engaged while triggering sales activities.


We Put Creativity To Work!

Today’s successful sales and marketing programs require integrated systems that are technologically-enabled, creatively executed and strategically deployed. In order to accomplish this, we have built a team of professionals that are highly trained to deliver our services on target, on time, and on budget.

After we get to know each other, our hope is that you’ll say, “Hey, this isn’t just another company I ran across. These people have really helped me out.”

Our commitment – “If we can ever help you either personally or professionally, please just let us know.” – Chad Root, Founder