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Every once in a while, we are lucky enough to partner with a client during a new business division launch. Applying our strategic marketing processes for SEO & DigitalReadyCobot Logo Strategy, Design Direction, and Website Production from the very beginning provides us with an opportunity to test our processes, prove their effectiveness, and fine-tune their deliverability.

With a solid idea in place, we worked with TFS, an automation and tube bending equipment and tooling company, to name their new business division. After some intense research and a few renditions, ReadyCobot was chosen as the name for their cobot division. With the understanding that the launch of ReadyCobot needed to be expedited in order to address the current labor shortage needs of the manufacturing industry, the Spearhead team began with an SEO-focused digital strategy and branding to create a strong foundation for the product line

Brand Identity

Designing consistently on-brand and professional identity materials is necessary to reinforce your brand image and express your distinct differences to your target audience. ReadyCobot is a distributor for JAKA, a global collaborative robot manufacturing company, which gave us access to high-quality photos and videos. That high-quality collateral established the baseline for ReadyCobot’s material creation.

This stage included: 

Logo Design
Style Guide Creation
Brochure Creation

Brand Experience

It is critical to know that 60% of a buyer’s decision has already been made before even talking to a sales rep. Understanding the buyer’s journey and presenting themCobot Line Drawing with compelling information to help steer their decision toward your product is essential. We all know the big picture: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. For ReadyCobot, having a solution to the national labor shortages affecting manufacturing across the country makes our journey timely and straightforward. 

We started with the Buyer Journey:

Awareness: Labor Shortage? We can help!

Consideration: Cobots Are A Game Changer!  Overcome Labor Shortages, Improve Quality and Lead Time, Gain Flexibility, and Reduce Costs

Decision:  The ReadyCobot Team Can Provide You With Everything You Need: Proof of Concept, ROI Calculations, Turn-Key Solutions, Ongoing Training & Support

Finally, we implemented ONTRAPORT as the CRM and business automation tool for ReadyCobot. Spearhead uses ONTRAPORT to help companies identify, connect, nurture, convert and expand business relationships with automations that allow sales reps to maximize their time and respond quickly to potential customers. With two certified ONTRAPORT experts on staff at Spearhead, we can customize the CRM to fit your needs and maximize your ROI. To learn more about ONTRAPORT and how Spearhead helps companies maximize their lead generation, click here.

SEO & Digital Strategy

We all know that SEO is essential. We also know that it’s more than correctly setting up your site map and URL structure. 

Using SEMRush, the Spearhead team conducted a competitor review and keyword research to identify the gaps in the cobot market and maximize search results. We then not only came up with a Site Map and URL structure that capitalizes on those gaps, but we also use SEMrush to monitor continuously. Monitoring ReadyCobot’s site position, crawlability, content, links, and coding allows us to detect issues quickly and maximize our SEO and digital strategy.

Design Direction

Once we had the foundation set, we knew our competitors, the keyword gaps, the URL structure, the buyers’ journey, and the site map; we were ready to create Having worked through the logo design and brochure creation, the transition to the website was seamless. We knew the path we wanted the customers to take, and we optimized to lead them through the process. 

The website was then optimized for Speed, Indexing, and Mobile Responsiveness. Images were keyword optimized, tracking links were created, and ONTRAPORT was integrated with the site for maximum lead generation and tracking capabilities.

Check out

Trade Show & Open House Prep

Ensuring that ReadyCobot was ready for its tradeshow debut, the Spearhead team did the legwork to pull all of the pieces together to allow maximum exposure.ReadyCobot Brochure Spearhead took the lead in designing and ordering a 10’x10’ backdrop, brochure printing services, corporate wear, and promotional giveaways. 

As we continue to create opportunities for people to learn about ReadyCobot, Spearhead also provides support for the Open Houses hosted at TFS. Using ONTRAPORT, we can send eBlasts to current and potential customers, create registration forms and landing pages, and track any new contact’s session source, whether from an email, social media, or a direct search.  

The Spearhead team writes and distributes press releases to appropriate trade magazines and social media platforms to create brand awareness and generate interest. Additionally, we are onsite for all Open House events to document the day with video and photography.

Continued Support

Once you become a Spearhead client, you become part of the family. We take the time to learn your product to maximize brand awareness and generate solid leads. We ensure your foundation is solid, issues are quickly resolved, and our team of experts is available to you when you need us.

Next up for ReadyCobot, Digital Advertising

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  • Client ReadyCobot
  • Date June 8, 2022
  • Tags Branding, Marketing-Automation and CRM, SEO & Web Performance Optimization, Strategic Planning, Web Design, Web Development
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