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Midwest Snips Website Overhaul

Sturgis, MI – Client: Midwest Snips – Objective: Update SEO & Web Design

Project Details

We have been working with this particular client for several years now.  When we first started working with Midwest Snips, they were in need of an eCommerce website back in 2017.  Fast forward to today, as times have changed and technology has increased, it was time to update their website to be optimized for today’s SEO strategies.  Initially, we planned to increase their overall SEO.  However, through several discussions with the client, it became evident that it would be nice to enhance their companies image, branding, appearance, and overall website functionality.  Thus, it was determined to do a complete website overhaul using the latest and greatest website tools and strategies.  It was time for us, here at Spearhead, to put our strategic thinking caps on and get creative.


Understanding that the client needed to enhance their overall SEO strategy, as well as their website brand identity, it became clear from our client that they wanted their company brand to be an American-made brand with greater emphasis on being tough and durable.  On top of that, it was very important that the functionality, as well as the buyer journey experience, was enhanced on the website for a more engaging user experience.  To help us achieve these goals we focused on the following website features for Midwest Snips:

  • In site search functionality. (This is a tool that allows users to search for specific products within the website.  It is a little more advanced for those users who already know what they are looking for when it comes to Midwest Snips products.)
  • Better buyer journey. (When a potential customer comes to the website, the buyer journey is the ease of being able to transition the potential customer from awareness of the product to consideration of the product and finally making a decision on a product.)
  • Website map. (this is a map of all of the pages and the URLs that have been optimized with their main keyword/keywords associated with each webpage.)
  • A new WordPress Theme. (themes are used to enhance your website design capabilities, as well as enhancing the ease of web designing for those who might not be as familiar with updating and editing website content.)
  • Enhanced branding.  (Things such as colors, fonts, enhance logo, and the consistency of your brand.)
  • Home Page & Subpage wireframing and mock-ups. (This is done before the actual build-out of the website for the pursuit of excellence.)
  • Optimized website performance.  (quicker page load speeds, compressed file sizes with the maximum quality of output, several call-to-actions for the user to quickly and easily connect with Midwest Snips, engaging content, testimonials spread throughout the site for customer validation, and the combination of images and videos.)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  (The website must be SEO optimized for higher page rank when users make searches on search engine platforms.)

Website Makeover From Start To Finish

Here is a screenshot of Midwest Snips Old Website.  We will let you be the judge for how we did on the new website makeover.

Spearhead Sales & Marketing | Midwest Snips Website Overhaul Old Website | Increased Visibility & SEO

With the expertise, strategic guidance, and years of experience from Spearhead Sales & Marketing, Midwest Snips was able to achieve a successful website makeover from start to finish.  When we (Spearhead) started the makeover, it was important for us to understand the acronym for ENABLE.  How can we ENABLE Midwest Snips to successfully achieve their goals?

E – Equipped with Features

N – Necessary Why?

A – Actual Proof?

B – Believable because who said so?

L – Licensed Credentials

E – Encourage by Opportunity/Threat

Using this acronym we were able to make informed strategic decisions that paved the way for Midwest Snips digital success.  With this in mind, let’s discuss in more detail each letter of the ENABLE acronym.  Starting with ‘E‘, how can we Equip Midwest Snips with positive features?  Referring back to our bullet points, we started with their inner site search functionality.  We (Spearhead) instituted a catalog search function that would allow users who are already familiar with Midwest Snips to simply search for their specific product of need.  Additionally, we restructured Midwest Snips menu items for new users who are unfamiliar with their products to have a positive buyer journey experience that would allow those new users to navigate through a guided process that would ultimately lead them to the product in need.

As we move to the next letter ‘N‘, it was important for us to recognize why Midwest Snips products were Necessary?  This is where we strategically designed the home page and subpages to show product attributes and uniquely identify how their tools are necessary for the customer’s next project at hand.  We were able to showcase the necessity for their tools and why they are better than their competitors through clear-cut bulleted copy points and engaging videos to back up their claims for users to see firsthand how the tools work.

This leads into the next acronym letter ‘A‘.  What Actually proof does Midwest Snips have to support their product claims.   Aside from consistent customer photos that are sent to Midwest Snips (through social media or email) on a daily basis with regards to how easy, wonderful, and efficient their tools have been for the customer; Midwest Snips has also been able to capture several video examples of their tools in progress.  It was important for the client (Midwest) to showcase live footage of their tools in progress to enhance buyer confidence.  All of their product pages have a 360º degree view of the products.  Additionally, almost all of their product pages have a video that showcases the product in use.  Showing actual proof is one of the best ways to enhance buyer confidence.

Once we established actual proof on our client’s end, it was then a matter of making sure that visitors do not just take our word for it but also believe in Midwest Snips products.  This brings us to the letter ‘B‘ in the ENABLE acronym.  Midwest Snips products are Believable because who said so?  As mentioned, don’t just take our word for it, Midwest has several testimonials from customers all around the world who have used their product and have had an experience that was positive and strong enough to lead them to share that positive experience for an excellent testimonial.  Thus, we felt it was important to make sure we had customer testimonials spread throughout the website to constantly remind website visitors that Midwest Snips makes quality products and it is believable because we have several testimonials backing the claim.

Midwest Snips has been making tools since 1945.  Since their time of inception, they have acquired Licensed credentials from various organizations.  This is the ‘L‘ in ENABLE acronym.  Being able to showcase that Midwest Snips was has licensed credentials only further backed up their products as being quality products.  Not only being quality products but have been quality products for many years so that customers know that they can consistently rely on Midwest Snips to provide the same excellent quality year over year.

Lastly, in our ENABLE acronym, we have ‘E‘. How can we Encourage customers to make a decision based on opportunity or threat?  With the validation of product videos and testimonials, we felt we provided users with an opportunity to enhance their work efficiency.  Additionally, as a bi-product of the videos and testimonials, we also felt users who attended the website would realize that they are missing out by not using Midwest Snips products, aka threat.  Essentially, if a user comes to the website they are presented with an opportunity to increase their work efficiency with the understanding that the threat would be if they do not use Midwest Snips tool, they would be missing out on a product that could enhance their overall experience and save time and money in the long run.  Is a small upfront investment, worth a long-term return on investment?  We would have to say yes.

Here is a condensed screenshot of Midwest Snips New Website.  Click the image below or click here to view the website directly.  Midwest was interested in a website that showcased the following action items. The site must represent Midwest Brand as being tough, rugged, manly, and just kick butt.  The site must represent their products are built in the USA (Made in the USA).  Lastly, they wanted their user experience to be unlike any other tool manufacturer with engaging videos and photos, as well as a new catalog search filter to help familiar users find products quicker.  The client was also excited to integrate social media and chat features to allow for quick, accurate, and personalized messages back to customers.

Spearhead Sales & Marketing | Midwest Snips Website Overhaul New Website | Increased Visibility & SEO


Midwest Snips has been a long-time client of Spearhead Sales & Marketing.  As the years progress and technology increases, it is very important that we do not let our clients get behind in today’s digital world.  Spearhead Sales & Marketing is constantly working with our clients on a weekly and daily basis to make sure they have the greatest opportunity to be the leader in their industry.  From a foundational level, it was clear that our previous website needed to have an overhaul to accommodate for today’s keyword searches and user experience on websites.  Because of this, we did the math on our previous data in comparison to today’s data and what could be achieved if we made some adjustments.  That said, we made the bold recommendation to rebuild Midwest Snips website using a new website theme.  We walked through every step of the website rebuild with the client from implementing a strategy, selecting proper keywords, designing and mocking up webpages to building the website and providing a quality buyer journey with a unique and engaging user experience.  The results speak for themself.  After one month of being live with their new website, traffic has increased more than 100%.  Additionally, Midwest has successfully increased their average google search position.  The updated website results have allowed Midwest to capture more sales opportunities and a higher potential for business growth moving forward.

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Project Details

  • Date June 11, 2021
  • Tags SEO & Web Performance Optimization, Web Design

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