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Establish a Conversation Worth Your Buyers Time

The status quo in the cabinet industry for getting new dealers is to hire an independent rep to drop in on them. The typical response to the rep is “We’re not looking to take on a new line.” Shocker.

Regardless of the industry, buyers are not just waiting for someone to drop by. The key is to establish a conversation, develop a relationship and then collaborate on a partnership that works. It takes time and requires that the seller add VALUE throughout the process.

So, in Grabill Cabinets’ case, we strategically identified potential new dealers, sought permission to send introductory information from the main contacts, and kicked off an AUTOMATED direct marketing program. The sequence is designed to give the target buyers what they want and good reason to pay attention. It follows marketing basics – figure out what the buyer’s day-to-day situation is, give them an opportunity to make it better and add value as you STAY-IN-TOUCH.

Success With Automated Direct Marketing Requires Solid Strategy and Execution

The gallery shows the direct mail pieces. Some key features to point out:

  1. Grabill’s main competitor restricts dealer access to the factory personnel. So, we strategically promote direct access to the owners and factory team; positioning to Grabill’s strength and their competitor’s weakness.
  2. We personalize the mailing beginning with a handwritten note card directly from the President. (Call us and we’ll tell you how we do it.)
  3. Each brochure is mailed with a personalized letter that reinforces the opportunity for the potential new dealer.
  4. Believe it or not, once a contact’s information is entered into our automated marketing software, they are automatically added to a mailing list that is automatically sent to our print and mail provider. Week 1 – Personal Card. Week 3 – Cabinetry Brochure. Week 5 – Meet the Team Brochure. Week 7 – Dealer Support Brochure. Anytime we add another contact, they go through this sequence. This is a great use of automated direct marketing.
  5. The call to action for each piece is simple; meet with the owner of Grabill Cabinets.

Contacts that provide email addresses are also automatically assigned to Grabill’s Featured Projects and New Styles/Finishes email notifications that go out monthly.

Salespeople Have to be Involved From the Beginning

Grabill’s field reps are an integral, and critical, part of the process. They help identify strategic new dealers, get permission from them receive information and step into the new opportunity alongside Grabill’s President. It’s a team effort that works.

Mission accomplished. New relationships are being established. New sales are being booked. Grabill is better known for One-of-a-Kind Dealers, Cabinets, and Relationships.

For more information about the mechanics behind our system, fill out our ROI calculator and submit. We’ll arrange a meeting to review.

Project Details

  • Client Grabill Cabinets
  • Date April 11, 2014
  • Tags Digital Advertising

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