Chad Root, President and Founder of Spearhead Sales and Marketing gave a well-received presentation to the American Institute of Architects (AIA).  The presentation was a great opportunity to share Spearhead’s sales partnership and marketing automation expertise as well as an opportunity to engage with a community that is near and dear to Chad’s heart.

“With my love of architecture, and active membership in AIA, I’ve been blessed to bridge the gap between digital marketing and sales and some of our clients in the architectural, manufacturing and architectural space,” Chad said. “This course was a great opportunity to stay engaged.”  

Business Development

The Structuring Your Business Development Program presentation included discussion of identifying and developing key relationships, creating content for a buyer’s journey, setting and managing goals, and identifying and budgeting campaigns. The following are highlights from the training. If you would like to learn more about structuring a business development program, contact Spearhead, we’d love to work with you!

Identify and Develop Relationships

Using a manufacturing example, the course begins with developing “The Ultimate Flywheel” of three R’s that are vital to marketing success: Relationships, Reputation, and Revenue.

  • Relationships First: Identify who’s in your village (owners, team members, contractors, etc.) and build your list
  • Transfer of trust: learn about your character and competence; Reputation matters!
  • Earning by serving: With the right assistance/experience, at the right time, and at the right place, your efforts will lead to Revenue!

Focusing on the buyer’s journey is the key to success, but did you know that 60% of a buyer’s purchase decision has already been made before talking to a supplier? Be nimble so you’re ready to help the buyer through the decision step!

Create a Content Map for the Buyer’s Journey

The buyer’s journey helps marketers understand the steps to a sale. From Awareness to Consideration to Decision, the buyer “travels” along a route that can be influenced with the proper content.

  • Awareness: What are you selling?
  • Consideration: Why are you selling it?
  • Decision: Why can’t the buyer live without it?

This information will help you determine how you want to “serve” your clients. It’s best to focus on their needs and act in a spirit of service.

Set Goals that Lead to Revenue

There are many strategies and tools available to help you set and manage your conversion goals. From HubSpot to Ontraport, we use the latest digital measurement and project tools to stay on top of our campaigns. Regardless of the tool, keep these five stages of campaign planning in mind when setting your conversion goals:

  • Identify suspects (# you want to pitch)
  • Connect leads (# you feel are “warm” prospects)
  • Nurture prospects (# that are moving down the funnel and are getting “hot”)
  • Convert clients (# of actual paying customers)
  • Expand advocates (# of true referral sources)

The planning worksheet on the presentation deck will help you walk through some additional points to ensure your conversion goals make sense. There’s also a reference tool available to help.

Identify and budget campaigns

Once you’ve worked through the three steps (identifying relationships, creating content map, setting goals), it’s time to get your campaign(s) and budget(s) together. There’s a simple campaign planning map available in the presentation deck; if you would like a copy, click to download the pdf.

As you can see, developing a business development program is a multi-layered effort, but it’s not outside your abilities – especially with expert help from Spearhead.

Contact us today to experience how Spearhead Sales and Marketing brings maximum, sustainable impact to businesses that are dedicated to optimized sales and growth. We focus on tailored programs in both the traditional and digital spaces that maximize relationship building, lead generation, innovative marketing technology tools, sales partnerships, digital services, and strategic planning and development to build your customer base and close sales. Spearhead will be your agency of record for record-breaking performance!

“Chad was a great asset to the lineup at our Digital Marketing Summit. He engaged the audience well and they appreciated his energy. He really knew his stuff and I look forward to learning from him in the future.”

Kari Wissel

Social Media Outreach Coordinator, Center for Advancement of Digital Marketing and Analytics, Ball State University

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