Sales Partnerships

From day one, Spearhead has always focused on sales outcomes. We see marketing as a necessary foundation on which sales success is built. When we know the foundation is in place, we are willing to invest our time, money and human resources into building sales in exchange for ongoing commissions or distribution margin.

We offer the following opportunities:


We will design, build and maintain an e-commerce website along with an automated order processing system on our dime. In exchange, we will either buy and resell a product or service or receive a fair commission.

Direct Sales

For many industrial companies, it can often be the case that 5-10 large, strategic accounts, can make a world of difference. Our decades of executive leadership and strategic selling experience ideally suits us to “spearhead” these large-account initiatives.

In some cases, it may also make sense for us to take the lead on building out a network of sales reps or distribution partners. We are well versed in these types of assignments and have many years of proven success.

Product/or Service Development

For companies with well-established distribution networks, it can often be the case that simply adding more products and services to an offering will achieve excellent results. Our creativity and strategic skills and experience make us an ideal partner for identifying and launching new products and/or services.

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