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Integrated Marketing Approach to Convert Leads

by | Apr 13, 2020

Rearing into 2020, our client, Stoett Industries, underwent numerous strategic positioning improvements and upgrades to their product offering.

We promoted Stoett’s repositioning through the development of a multi-channel digital marketing strategy designed to drive traffic to their website. Like pieces of a puzzle, we integrated digital advertising, marketing automation, content marketing, and landing pages to create a well-rounded marketing campaign.

Optimizing Stoett’s Digital Advertising Reach

Our design target was to create high-performance digital advertisements that encapsulated Stoett’s expanded product offering and new brand positioning. We accomplished our objective through the development of architectural icons, straightforward messaging, and imagery of product installations. Figure 1 shows Stoett Industries’ full-page advertisement featured in the March edition of Arch Record magazine. 

We leveraged AdRoll to retarget consumers who viewed Stoett’s website and drive bounced traffic back to a landing page to view valuable content. We created compelling display ads that were key to the success of our campaign. 

Project Details

  • Client Stoett Industries
  • Date April 13, 2020
  • Tags Content Marketing, Digital Advertising, Traffic and Conversion
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