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Project Description

If at first you don’t succeed, try something else. 

We’ve been working with Libart since 2011. Libart offers custom, high-quality retractable enclosures for residential and commercial outdoor spaces, including pools, patios, and outdoor entertainment. During our initial consulting with them, they were hesitant to pursue pool builders because previous efforts were not successful.

At Spearhead, we challenge the status-quo. So, we instigated a direct mail trial.

They pulled together a list of high end pool builders that were within a short drive of their factory. We knew the mailing was going to be “cold” (meaning they didn’t have time to call and get permission to send information), so we had to make the direct mail piece really stand out but not break the bank.

How do you get someone’s attention? Show them something they want.

Bulk mail has a much greater chance of being opened than an envelope. So we decided to use a standard sized corrugated cardboard pizza box printed Libart blue. Tucked inside was a catalog, an invitation style envelope and card with a crisp $2 bill, and a letter explaining referral dollars pool-builders could earn by referring projects to Libart.

The results of this promotion were astounding with over 40% of the recipients signing up to receive Libart’s monthly featured project emails and over 20% requesting sales visits.

Libart continues to benefit from this promotion. Several pool builders didn’t respond immediately, but called weeks and even months later once they had a viable project.

Project Details

  • Client Libart
  • Date April 11, 2014
  • Tags Branding

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