There are over 100 tips to help you immediately get more from your website.

The purpose of this web planning guide is to give you a shortcut for learning what has taken us 10 years to learn the hard way. If you’ve ever been part of a website project, you know all too well how much work it entails. So, if you wish you were getting more from your website in terms of traffic, presentation, leads or even sales, this guide will give you a quick way to plan your project so you get the most of your investment.

How important is your website?
“85% of consumers may leave a website if it’s poorly designed.”
– Online Marketing Institute

Your website is your digital hub that should do three things:
1) Attract your targeted visitors
2) Provide them the content they want.
3) Give them the next step.

We have “Spearheaded” web planning for 100’s of sites over the last 10 years. This web planning guide shares what we have learned about web planning and related considerations.

For other considerations, we encourage you to check out this educational website.

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