WordPress Website – Hertzler

Project Description

Updated WordPress Website is More Vibrant and User-Friendly

With this client site, we took the existing content and updated it using a new (Divi) theme. The menu needed a lot of adjustments because it was very clunky and provided too much information overload. In order to adjust the menu, we studied Google Analytics to determine what the most viewed pages were, what pages could be improved, and what pages were not being visited. Once a plan was set for a more simplified user-friendly menu, we moved on to adjusting content on some of the main pages to improve things even further. In addition to that, we included vibrant colors like orange to help the information pop off of the page and coupled it with a nice complimentary blue and dark gray to balance everything out.

Hertzler WordPress Website

Project Details

  • Date February 3, 2017
  • Tags Management, Web Design
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