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Project Description

Beaverson Law Group, PC WordPress Website - Elder Law

Local Boutique Firm with a Big Look

Beaverson Law Group, PC is a boutique law firm that assists clients with estate planning, estate administration, Guardianship, Medicaid planning, and Veterans benefit alternatives. Their objective is to help clients consider and select the alternatives that will help them age gracefully while maintaining their independence, autonomy, and dignity.

From a Single Homepage to a Full Blown Mobile-Friendly Website

Beaverson Law Group’s old website was a single homepage that contained their logo and basic contact information. We approached them about putting a new website together that would be mobile-friendly and encompass all that they had to offer. After an initial meeting with our client, we were able to come up with a complete plan that even included a revised logo. It became clear that the website needed to contain information about each practice area that they offer: estate planning, estate administration, elder law, guardianship, Medicaid, and veterans benefits.  We put together a slider at the top of the homepage with large photos, and a small description of each practice area, along with a button to click and learn more. Directly below the slider, we listed the practice areas again with color-coded icons that match the colors for each practice area page. This website is a prime example of what we can offer to other area businesses.

Beaverson Law Group - Estate Administration Page

Beaverson Law Group - Medicaid Page

Modernizing Their Logo

Their logo redesign began with a change of font from a serif font to a sans serif font giving it a modern feel. To keep with the modern look we changed the “Law Group, PC” to a dark gray instead of the black they had previously. Their old logo contained circles on a timeline that represented the various stages of life and they wanted to make sure that their new logo would represent that as well,  so we came up with a slight variation.

Beaverson Law Group Logo BeforeBeaverson Law Group Logo After







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