Web Video Production

Project Description

Web Video Production - Web Banner AdMidwest Snips Reaches Skilled Trade Workers Through Web Video Production

Midwest Tool is a manufacturer of quality snips most frequently used in the HVAC industry. Most of its sales contacts had been with tool distributors, but it wanted to start promoting its brand of snips with the end user and with retailers, which would demand a significant upgrade in their marketing approach.

Web Video Production Promoted Through Social Media, Web Ads, and E-blasts

We developed an extensive and solid marketing platform that included video, social media, web ads and e-blasts that the company could learn to use. But we also developed a directional idea that would help grab the interest and good will of the end users that Midwest was trying to reach. With the help of our marketing partner, TaigMarks, we created a video that keyed on “Dirtiest Jobs” TV celebrity Mike Rowe’s campaign to promote service work in HVAC and other industries as a needed and valued career path for young people.

Web Video Production - E-Blasts

Click below to view the video. 


The video was promoted through Facebook and other social media, the MidwestSnips.com website and e-blasts. In this effort, the video developed a valuable association for Midwest with an issue close to the heart of its end users, forging a connection that went beyond the usual sales points.



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