Strategic Marketing for Polar Clean

Project Description

Polar Clean Dry Ice Blasting - Cleaner. Faster. Safer.Strategic Marketing Begins with Positioning – Cleaner. Faster. Safer.

Polar Clean is an industry leader in Engineered Cleaning Solutions specializing in the food and beverage industry, power generation, automotive, ethanol, petrochemical and more. They primarily use dry ice blasting as the process of choice, due to the superior benefits that make it “Cleaner. Faster. Safer.” In addition to dry ice blasting, they also have expertise in using a variety of other media types and processes, based on which solution is best to achieve the desired results.

After an intense series of strategy sessions, Spearhead presented a complete sales and marketing plan designed to achieve Polar Clean’s goals.

Strategic Marketing with Automated Intro Email, Sales Letter, and Cold Hard Facts E-Newsletter

Spearhead made outbound calls to qualified companies in the food industry that resulted in 30% of the list giving explicit permission to receive introductory information. When the calls were logged in our automated marketing software, the contacts automatically received an immediate email, a letter 2 weeks later and a newsletter 2 weeks after that. The key to these materials is that they are loaded with resources for the prospects to learn about dry ice, determine if will work for them and get a free site evaluation. These offers are easily tracked and the software identifies those leads that are most active. 

Polar Clean Introductory EmailPolar Clean Introductory Sales LetterPolar Clean E-newsletter - Cold Hard Facts


Brochure Provides Quick Education – Why Dry Ice?

Polar Clean’s interactive and downloadable “Why Dry Ice” brochure unveils the top 10 reasons to use Dry Ice Cleaning. It also explains how it works and shows a comparison of Dry Ice Cleaning vs. other cleaning methods as well as examples of applications for this cleaner, faster and safer cleaning solution.


CleaningSolutionsGuideOnline Cleaning Solutions Guide

Their online cleaning solutions guide helps to determine the best solution for applications – all of which Polar Clean can provide, depending on the situation.

The online form contains eight selections to choose from the surface to be cleaned, adherent type, the location of the clean, time frame, level of clean desired, extraordinary component features, other factors of concern, and if you are cleaning biohazard materials – media disposal cost. Once all of the selections have been made the type of media to choose from will display to the right of the form.

This is a real tool for people with real responsibility. The idea is for Polar Clean to proactively provide value to their potential buyers during the marketing and sales stages.


Strategic Marketing Integrates with Sales – Fail-Safe Planning & Execution Presentation

The last phase of the marketing materials is actually a sales presentation. Once a potential buyer is convinced that Dry Ice is the right cleaning method for their application, it’s up to Polar Clean to demonstrate that they are the right team to do the job. This presentation definitely makes that case.

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