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Project Description

For this client site ( we set up a Good Faith Estimate form on the Pricing page.  When someone completes this form, it automatically triggers a series of emails. Each message is set up within the marketing automation platform (ONTRAPORT).  Associated with the messages is a step sequence with rules created to send the email messages at 15 days, 30 days and 45 days.


15 Days After Form Completion

The first email is set to go out 15 days after the form has been completed. The site visitor will receive one of two messages depending on whether or not they were tagged from another call to action on the site, “Get in Motion.”

  • If they have not been tagged “Get in Motion,” their message includes a download for “Get in Motion” resources (a Project Planner and Idea Book).
  • If they had been tagged “Get in Motion” they receive an email from the project manager asking them to schedule a call for specific follow-up.  Such follow-up includes discussing the “Get in Motion” tools they have received and how they might move their project forward (viability assessment).


30 Days After Form Completion

30 days after form completion, the potential client receives one of three emails:

  • If they clicked the Project Planner from the first email, they will receive a message thanking them for downloading the Project Planner and requesting them to schedule a viability assessment.
  • If they did not download the Project Planner but did download the Idea Book from the first email, then they receive a message requesting that they download the Project Planner and asking them what day and time would be good for them to review everything by phone.
  • If they were tagged “Get in Motion” and if there has been no other activity since their initial Good Faith Estimate, the email moves them towards completing the viability assessment.


45 Day Last Chance Email  Message

At 45 days from form completion, and if there has been no other activity since their initial Good Faith Estimate, they receive a “last chance” email.  This represents the last attempt to move them toward a viability assessment.


Project Details

  • Date July 23, 2016
  • Tags Branding, Digital Advertising
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