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Project Description


“We have a brand new identity that better represents who we really are and helps our prospects appreciate our full value.”
– Ryan Britsch, Operating Manager


Branding is More Than a Logo – It’s a Stake in the Ground

Solution Source is an ERP, E-commerce, and CRM software implementation company that wanted to grow its customer base. They were struggling with inconsistent lead follow up, unclear messaging, and outdated marketing communications. Spearhead lead their team through a 10-step strategy process that we now call SM-art℠ Sales and Marketing. We really focused in on the target buyer and the sales process and delivered the following:

    • Testimonial Videos
    • Corporate Logo, Tagline and Identity Package
    • Sub-Brand for Business Mapping Service
    • Lunch and Learn Marketing System
    • Sales Training


    The branding process enabled everyone to put a stake in the ground for each of their roles. Sales knew what questions to ask clients and how to position the company. Leadership had a clear way to communicate a vision for the future. Branding is a holistic process that ties sales, marketing, and business development into a unified system.

    Project Details

    • Date June 29, 2012
    • Tags Branding, Management
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