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PR Outreach - Grabill Kitchen on Cover of Kitchen & Bath Business Magazine

PR Outreach Results in Grabill Kitchen Appearing on Cover of K+BB Magazine

Grabill Cabinets cares about the story behind their featured projects – they are highlighted on their website, sent via e-Blasts to their entire network of dealers, designers, and homeowners and featured in quarterly newsletters.  They also appear on various social media sites including Houzz, Facebook, and Pinterest. The stories provide ideas and inspiration to others and emphasize their commitment to promoting their relationships with dealers and designers.

Consistency is Key to Success

Another relationship that is critical to Grabill’s success is the one we have helped establish with various media sources. Over the past five or so years, Spearhead has been in contact with K+BB magazine, keeping them updated on the latest projects, discussing media options, and helping build awareness for the Grabill brand. This consistency helped establish an on-going relationship that keeps Grabill Cabinets and their dealers top of mind with K+BB staff.

There is more to PR than submitting an occasional article – it takes remarkable content and consistent, ongoing communication that results in powerful relationships.





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