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SPC Resource Kit EblastOnline Strategy Delivers New Leads to Hertzler Systems

One place companies get stuck is in a marketing approach that boils down to “We sell this product. Would you like to buy it? Contact us.” That was basically what one SPC software company was doing when we helped them devise a promotion and a strategy to reach out to prospective customers by positioning the company as not just another SPC software provider, but as an expert in SPC Software, indeed as THE SPC Software provider that was providing some valuable advice for free.

Spearhead Packaged Their Expertise Into a Resource Kit

We did this by helping the company develop an offer of a free SPC Software Resource Kit. The kit was designed to help companies identify their specific SPC requirements, calculate ROI, plan SPC implementation and get executive approval by demonstrating how an SPC initiative can increase revenue, grow operating margins and reduce asset levels.

Promoting the Offer to Key Contacts

We helped position this free offer on the website and then devised a strategy for driving potential customers to the website where they could download this item of value without buying a thing, just leaving their contact information. Key to the strategy was the development, with the help of trade media, of a highly targeted list of most likely prospects for an e-blast and video about the kit.

Easy SPC Resource Kit Components

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Easy SPC Resource Kit Video

The initial e-blast to qualified contacts resulted in numerous new website visitors who completed the form to download the Resource Kit. The company suddenly had a long list of very qualified leads, a number of which proved to be fruitful contacts. The key to this was offering something of value to initially attract potential customers and begin the development of a positive relationship with that contact before any sales approach is made.

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