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Why are Marketing Offer Examples Important?

The bad news is that people are busy and don’t want to be sold to. The good news is that they need to get their jobs done and they want certain things out of life. The key to great marketing is to figure out what they want and what job they need to get done. If you know that you can offer them things to help them get where they want to go.

Hertzler Systems Sells SPC (Statistical Process Control) Software

Hertzler’s target buyer is a Quality Engineer or Quality Manager at manufacturing companies. This person is pragmatic, knows a lot about their production process and is accountable for quality metrics. They also play a key role in controlling production costs.

Hertzler is an expert in this field. Over 30 years they have developed some excellent tools to help these quality managers get the most out of SPC. Spearhead converted these tools into a resource kit and branded it to position Hertzler as the easy choice for SPC software.

Once You Have an Offer, It’s Time to Put it on the Web and Promote It.

We always put the offer on a web page with a form to fill out. This way our client captures new leads, can follow-up with automated emails, letters, personal cards, postcards and phone calls. Our form also cookies the person so we can see their future web visits, what pages they view and what links they click through.

Additional promotion is always an option. Our web technology automatically publishes the new webpage on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. In Hertzler’s case, we also created an email that was sent out to a quality magazine subscriber list.

Follow-Up Automatically

Hertzler’s Resource Kit has a lot inside of it. To stay-in-touch with the people who download it, we automatically send emails every two weeks with a tip to help the person get the most out of the kit. These are very well received. The click-through rate on this emails is over 35%!

The initial offer and the helpful tip follow-up emails are great marketing offer examples.

Project Details

  • Client Hertzler Systems
  • Date March 27, 2014
  • Tags Branding
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