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Sometimes WE ARE the Marketing Manager.

Five years ago we helped a company called Loader Parts Source get off the ground with a one-man shop. We gave the firm a strategic direction to grow in, and it worked! It is now a company with 25 employees and we have gone back through the strategy that gave them its growth spurt and updated it for the bigger firm it has become. In so doing, we’ve come to occupy the spot on the management flow chart normally reserved for Marketing Manager. That means we and our marketing partners at TaigMarks help take care of the details as well as the strategic direction.

Taking Care of the Details

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We help with monthly marketing specifics, such as updating the website, creating informational e-blasts, sending out newsletters, and expanding a rich library of tech videos, all part of a helpful, troubleshooting role that the company sees as part of providing the best service for its customers. One advantage of this level of involvement is that we can ensure that everything that gets done relates to the strategic concept and creative direction we have laid out. So Spearhead has the capability of learning your business deeply and expertly fulfilling a function on your organizational chart.



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