Integrated Sales & Marketing – Libart


Project Description

The Objective: Close more of the leads they already had.




Integrated Sales & Marketing Means Efforts are Synchronized 

This case study proves the following formula:

Strategic planning 
+ Drip marketing to stay top of mind with leads 
+ Web videos based on the buying process 
+ Sales tools 
+ Deal coaching
= Result of immediate impact.

Strategic Planning

We started with a SM-art Workshop. The process pulled information about Libart’s mission, company way-of-doing-things, sales practices, marketing practices, product/service development and competition. It took some weeding out, but we managed to define a clear sales process that organized their leads and provide specific steps for moving leads toward a purchase. The clarity was amazing.


Drip Marketing

We created a series of promotional messages like the “Scattered Showers” example, to be used in email and postcards that are being sent out once a month. This will keep Libart top-of-mind with leads that are not yet ready to buy. The idea is to get people’s attention, communicate why retractable enclosures are so great and then support the message with a specific call to action. Do they work? Yes. The first email was sent to a database of 4,000+ website and old trade show leads. These people had not heard from Libart in a very long time. The email drove traffic to Libart’s updated website where we have two pages designed to move leads into a buying process. Several leads filled out the next step of the process, which is a Project Planner.


Web Updates

We updated Libart’s website with two public pages and one private page that the salespeople will use when working with prospects. The content was strategically outlined to position Libart as an alternative to traditional construction and systematically step the buyer toward a purchase. By using video, we were able to keep the buyer’s attention and educate them about a relatively unknown architectural category. Salespeople use these steps to guide buyers. They provide clear leadership now. This is a great example of how prospecting, sales process, and marketing communications all work together.



Project Planner

This is an instrumental piece in the process because it serves as the tool to qualify whether a lead is worthy of the design investment it takes to quote a project. It also provides a common vocabulary for the Libart team to “deal coach” each other.



Deal Coaching

Spearhead facilitated two months of deal coaching; meeting every other Friday. We reviewed the deals “on-deck” and used the project planner to identify missing pieces of the deal that would be necessary to move it forward. Libart immediately began to close deals and elevated their expertise at helping each other.


Project Details

  • Date July 14, 2012
  • Tags Branding, Management
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