Elkhart Audiology Guide to Better Hearing

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Project Description

Advertising on Facebook to Promote the Guide to Better Hearing

Several ads were placed on Facebook encouraging people to download the EAR Guide to Better Hearing. 

EAR Your Guide to Better Hearing Facebook Advertising

EAR Your Guide to Better Hearing Download

Landing Page that Links Directly from Facebook

A landing page was created that links directly from the Facebook ads. When the download button on the Facebook ad is clicked it takes them directly to a landing page where they can read more about the contents of the guide.

EAR Your Guide to Better Hearing Landing Page

 Online Guide to Better Hearing Download

We designed the 12-page guide to have a similar look to the website and match with some of the other materials that we created for the client. You can view and download the entire guide by clicking the image below.


EAR Your Guide to Better Hearing


Project Details

  • Date February 7, 2017
  • Tags Digital Advertising, Web Design