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Editorial Articles for The Godfrey Hotel Project

Establish Credibility

By helping our client focus on public relations, we helped them take advantage of editorial articles. Libart was featured in The Godfrey Hotel story in the newest Construction Today magazine. The hotel is being raved about by nearly every food and entertainment publication in Chicago, but even by Travel + Leisure as well as Condé Nast Traveler! We’ve helped Libart see how leveraging editorial articles can pay off.

Our job as a marketer is to make it clear that Libart’s enclosure is a true architectural solution. There are other enclosure companies in the marketplace but their solutions are much less architectural and substantial in their construction. Choosing a targeted editorial channel like Construction Today helps Libart stake their claim.

Build Desire

A visually stunning ad design, stamped with AIA learning partner for credibility and a compelling main message – “Go from a busy season to a busy year!” Every advertisement needs a way to build desire. For the commercial property owner, a busy year is a hook.

See the full hotel construction story here.

Project Details

  • Date May 19, 2014
  • Tags Web Design
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