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Project Description

e-Commerce Website Development

It’s takes a village to raise an e-Commerce website…

e-Commerce Strategy

Prior to developing the new e-commerce website, the owners of Twisted Audio had a basic website and sold their radios as a hobby to friends and family. The product had rave reviews. There was a lot of pride about the idea of two guys in a garage launching a product for a huge market like Harley riders.

We started the process with our Strategy Workshop. The outcome was a game plan for growing their contact list, offering them something of interest to get their attention and keep in touch, of course, the new website, some basic promotions and some sales automation. The system was designed to scale to whatever level of business the owners want to achieve.

It takes a lot of different talents to pull a project like this off: Business development strategy, creative direction, graphic design, photography, video production, website development, marketing automation software implementation and strong program management. Spearhead’s collaborative structure ensure that all of these roles are covered on one roof.

Marketing Offers

One of their competitive advantages is that the radios are easy to install. We made installation videos a top priority so that that e-Commerce website would be more successful by convincing buyers that this was truly a do-it-yourself install.  This became a main message on the homepage slider.

Website Development

We used WordPress, Woo Commerce, and Pay-Pal to create a very cost-effective and turn-key e-Commerce website. The product pages allowed for related content like the manuals and install videos to dynamically display depending on the product shown. We also dynamically displayed product options as well as related products. The results have been impressive.


Re-targeting Ads are displayed across the web to all visitors that do not make a purchase. The reports show many return visitors and we have learned through customer service that many of those return visitors made a purchase.

Sales Integration

Customer service is automatically notified when an order is placed if when a dealer request form is completed. The marketing automation software also automatically tags buyer with product information so that customer service can easily send follow-up promotions and service in the future.



Project Details

  • Date May 19, 2014
  • Tags Web Design
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