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Project Description

A Custom Exhibit Company With A Custom Exhibit-Focused Website

A website should be a true reflection of your business – a “Virtual You.” That’s why, when we set out to redesign the website for We R Xhibits, a tradeshow exhibit firm located in northern Indiana, we worked hand in hand with Taig Marks to come up with a design concept that would suit them perfectly – a tradeshow booth.

We are all about collaboration at Spearhead. This allows us to specialize in what we do and rely on the skill set of our partners to do what they do. After we sat down with We R Xhibits and decided on a strategy, we asked Taig Marks to assist with branding and design. Their team came up with several concepts, which were narrowed down to one.

Not Just Another Templated Website

Many people associate WordPress websites with templated, “cookie-cutter” designs. is definitely not a cookie-cutter website; it has the power and functionality that WordPress is known for, but has a very customized look and feel. We have discovered that the only real limitation with WordPress is dependent upon your web team.

Why WordPress?

  • Easy to update without an expensive, custom administration area
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Universal desktop use
  • Built-in SEO
  • Unlimited customization potential
  • Easy to maintain
  • Automatically pushes to select social media channels

Project Details

  • Date May 15, 2014
  • Tags Web Design
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