At Spearhead Sales and Marketing, we keep a close eye on the big players in the marketing world. Who’s bigger than Google when it comes to digital, marketing, SEO, and mobile? No one. In light of that, here’s something they’ve been working on – concerning mobile – for some time now.

The Future is Now

Google has been prioritizing their search results based on mobile sites rather than desktop for the past few years. Why? According to Google, they will shift over to using the mobile version of a website’s content to index its pages, due to users’ propensity to do quick searches on their phone. So, if your mobile site is not optimized and in sync with your desktop site, you risk losing clicks. Losing clicks means losing potential customers!

Currently, Google uses mobile-first indexing for over “…half the web pages shown in its search results globally.” Since late 2017, Google has been transferring a small number of sites to mobile-first indexing and has gradually continued this process based on the site’s mobile best practices.

You’re Not Alone

To help with this transition, we recommend using Google’s URL inspection tool to “…check how a URL from [your] site – like a homepage – was last crawled and indexed.” That’s a valuable measurement tool to use so you can make sure your site is working at its best.

Key point: It’s important to note that mobile-friendly content will help the site perform better in mobile search results and is one of the many factors in determining site ranking.

Read the rest of the article here to learn more about how Google plans to continue its mobile-first indexing process and the importance of mobile-focused content.

If you have any questions or need any help with optimizing your mobile site, making sure your desktop and mobile sites are synced or need a whole site refresh, we can help!

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