New technologies bring dramatic changes to the way we interact with each other and conduct business. For example, the personal computer revolutionized our jobs, offices and the pace of business. Electronic mail transformed the way we communicate with each other. And cell phones made us reachable practically everywhere and all times. With each emerging technology, we changed our habits to stay relevant, in touch and successful. And now, the combination of the internet and social media has revolutionized the way people – including business owners — receive information, communicate and shop.

In with the new buying process: Self-education and relationships

Think about the amount of research you do online before you purchase a new product or service. Also, recall the level of familiarity you develop with an individual supplier or new product, just from viewing the relevant content online. Then, think about the contacts you have leading up to buying a product or service.

Business owners and principals, who are your potential leads, will naturally use this same self-education and relationship-building process with your company before they buy your products or services. In fact, lead generating experts point out that today’s buyers frequently do their own research through search engines, social media and other online channels. Also, these buyers are likely to know a great deal about your company before they speak to one of your sales people.

Out with the old process: Collecting contacts and spreading disruption

This means the old paradigm of collecting leads then cold calling or conducting e-mail blasts has gone the way of the manual typewriter. In fact, unsolicited emails or cold calls might be more than unsuccessful. They may also prove detrimental to your business. Because your unsolicited contacts with businesses might sour the prospects of developing relationships.

Speaking to the ineffective nature of cold calling, LinkedIn expert Melonie Dodaro, says in her book, LinkedIn Unlocked, “90% of decision makers state that they absolutely will not buy from a cold call or an unsolicited email.”

Get started on new technology leads to success

So if the lead acquisition system of collecting leads, cold calling and sending unsolicited communications does not work in today’s digitized business environment, what does? Welcome to the LinkedIn Targeted Sales Generator™ from Spearhead Sales & Marketing. Spearhead equips companies with a relationship building and sales system. The model works by implementing programs that are technology enabled, creatively executed and strategically deployed.

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The new inbound marketing methodology is based on attracting strangers who become visitors and are converted to leads. Closed leads become customers who then become delighted customers. And these delighted customers become promoters of your business. (Source: Lead Generation: A Beginner’s Guide to Generating Business Leads the Inbound Way, by Lindsay Kolowich;)

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