Digital Advertising

Traffic & Conversion + Marketing Automation = Sales Enablement

There are a lot of options when it comes to digital advertising. We have years of experience
and have climbed the learning curves so our client’s don’t have to.

We use appropriate tools and channels to buy traffic, then we optimize user experience on
our client’s websites to maximize conversion. We then leverage marketing automation (link
to ONTRAPORT page) to keep contacts engaged and trigger sales activities.

Featured Digital Advertising Tools

AdRoll Retargeting
AdRoll Retargeting shows ads to people that have visited a site and sends them back to their next conversion step. Reaches Desktop, Mobile Apps and Facebook.

AdRoll Prospecting
AdRoll Prospecting shows ads to contacts we have emails for. Reaches Desktop, Mobile Apps and Facebook.

Yext Online Profile Manager
One portal updates up to 70 online and mobile profiles so they are consistent and effective. Google loves it!

Digital Advertising Channels

Display – Second only to Search, display advertising (banners) have proven time and again: they work. Great for branding, retargeting, and visually getting in front of your target audience.

Mobile – Over 50% of world wide web traffic now comes from mobile devices. Campaigns without a mobile component are at a major disadvantage. Meet your audience where they are on the device in hand.

Video – More than any other activity, people watch video on the net. Our ad team provides deep reach into video with pre-roll and companion ads.

Social – Organic reach in social is way down. The answer? Reach your audience with paid advertising on top social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Waze, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Search – As the largest segment in digital advertising, search is a natural part of nearly any digital campaign. Put your message in front of users searching for specific keywords and ideas on Google and Bing.

Native – Native advertising matches the ad experience with the form and function of the existing user experience of where the ad is placed. In other words, ads blend into content and can be seen as more editorial than an ad. Great for long-form advertising.

Streaming Audio – Reach your audience even when they’re not looking. Place audio, display, or a combination of the two on streaming radio giants Spotify and Pandora.

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