Email is an important communication tool that people are using more and more every day, for both personal and business use. Unfortunately, studies show that 91% of all email sent is actually SPAM! Thankfully, most of us have some sort of spam-blocking process going on in the background that stops much of this “garbage” from ever reaching our IN box. As marketers, it is important to know what triggers an email to be labeled as spam so your message doesn’t get blocked.

There are certain keywords that typically result in a message being labeled as spam, but spammers have learned workarounds for this. There is also a giant list of “bad” IP addresses that are known to be used for spam but once these are blocked, new ones are claimed. Today, major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc. look at several things when determining whether a message gets sent to your IN box or your SPAM folder.

Download this informative and easy-to-follow guide that goes into great detail about what it takes for your message to make it to your audience’s IN box.

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