Using Images Can Improve Your Digital Content

If you’re thinking about writing a blog post, for example, about a topic you are passionate about, what are some of the most important aspects of making your content successful, accessible, and relatable (not to mention clickable!)? Sure, your SEO needs to be robust and effective. The content must be compelling and interesting. Your call to action must grab the reader’s interest. But one thing will help improve your blog content’s chances of success: Images!

At Spearhead Sales and Marketing , we use many different types of images in our digital content. From stock photos to in-house photography – we take advantage of all styles to share our message. We provide photography services to our clients as well to make sure their digital content is the highest quality possible.


Using high-quality images that help tell your blog’s story is a key part of modern digital content creation. Of course, the words you use are important, but adding an interesting, compelling, or highly relevant image to your post will go along way to increase interest in your blog. Caroline Geven, an online marketer with one of our top digital partners Yoast, gives some great pointers about using images in your post.

Stock photos

There are hundreds (if not more) stock photography sites out there where you can get the perfect image for your website, social post, or blog. The one thing you have to be careful of is the licensing for the image. Obviously, photographers take the images you see – some professional, some amateur – but regardless, they deserve credit for their work. When you’re using a stock photo site, make sure you understand the licensing for the image.


If you have the time and skill you can always take your own photos to add a personal touch to your digital content. The cameras on the latest smartphones take very high-quality images, so if you don’t want to spend thousands on photography classes or high-speed camera equipment, start there (and you don’t have to worry about legal licensing issues!).

Search results

Regardless of which option you choose, know that using images in your digital content is important. Not just to make the content look better, but to take advantage of how search results are determined. Google and Bing (and other popular search engines) offer image search functionality that base search result rankings on the quality of the content and image. If you have high-quality images along with content that is relevant to the search term, your ranking will improve.

So, whether you’re taking your own photos or finding them online, your audience will thank you for including relevant images in your digital content (like we did!).

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