Crissy the Sales Manager

Crissy’s company sells gym equipment to various health and fitness centers in the United States. She’s looking to consultants, like you, to help her set her Ontraport account up to help her manage her online sales force. She has two primary objectives:

  1. Automate her sales funnel, making her sales rep’s lives easier
  2. Have oversight into the company’s sales funnel

Her company sells 3 different pieces of equipment:

  1. Treadmill, costs $2,500
  2. Stairmaster, costs $1,700
  3. Stationary Bike, costs $2,000

She wants to begin by automating their very simple sales system. She wants a form to place on her website (not an Ontraport landing page) that can collect the following information: name, email address, office phone number, and which of their products the lead is interested in hearing more about. Once a lead fills out that form she wants them to receive a different confirmation email based on which product they’re interested in hearing more about.

She also wants these leads split up evenly among her sales reps automatically (you can use as few as 2 users for this.) Once the lead has been assigned to a rep and the confirmation email has been sent, she wants her rep to give that lead a call. She wants to make sure the rep has all the information they’ll need in order to conduct an effective conversation. She expects her reps to complete these phone calls within 1 day of being assigned, keeping in mind that their office is only open Monday through Friday, and she wants to be notified if a phone call isn’t completed within 1 day. She wants to also have an easy way for the reps to mark what happened on the phone call. There are three primary ways these conversations go:

  1. They don’t answer the phone. In which case she wants the rep to try and call them again the next day. If they don’t answer a second time, she doesn’t want them to try a third time.


  1. Deal won. If this is the outcome of the conversation then she wants the lead to receive an email with a link to the applicable order page (one for each product.) She wants to easily see how many purchases are made in her funnel, but as far as order fulfillment is concerned they already have a system that takes over from the point that the transaction is submitted. So you don’t have to worry about order fulfillment beyond linking to the order page and connecting the appropriate product.


  1. Deal lost. In this case she wants to cease communications with this lead.

Finally she wants everyone at her company to have good insight into how many active leads there are at any moment. They’re currently overwhelmed by the list-view and groups in their Ontraport account so she’d like to give them something more similar to a sales pipeline. They want to know, at a glance, which leads are new, hot, warm, or cold. They want to use the colors green, red, yellow, and blue colors respectively.

Here are the specifics on what dictates a new, hot, warm, or cold lead:

New leads have shown interest in a product but have not yet received a phone call.

Hot leads have shown interest in a product and have received a phone call that ended with the deal being won, but have not yet purchased a product.

Warm leads have shown interest in a product and have received a phone call that ended with the phone not being answered.

Cold leads have shown interest in a product, have received a phone call that ended with the deal being lost.

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