The fundamentals of a high-quality web marketing program

In today’s business world, it’s vital to have some sort of web presence. What that presence looks like varies greatly depending on your business, potential client base, and business goals (among other things). When you search for something, you 100% expect there to be a search result that includes websites that answer your query, right? So, how do you make sure you have the web presence you need to ensure that potential customer can find you?

Your Impact

First off, if you aren’t sure what kind of web marketing program you should implement, you’re in the right place. Spearhead Sales and Marketing can develop, monitor, and manage a customized digital program for your business to make sure your business is reaching its sales potential.

For this program to work, you have to know what impact you want to have. What are your business goals? How do you get customers? Who are you selling to? How do you want to sell? These are vital questions that will help determine what type of program you need.

Setting Goals and Planning

Answering the above questions, along with setting realistic goals are the fundamental steps you will take as you develop your web marketing program. Spearhead developed a simple Strategic Planning Outline that you can use to layout what you’ll need. Focusing on the three P’s (Purpose, Positioning, and Plan) will ensure you don’t forget a point.

Your goal setting and planning – not to mention the subsequent program – depends on what your business needs. These are three basic site types that could potentially fit your business:

Basic “brochure”-type of website (which simply lists your company’s information and product/service offerings)

“Developing”-level digital presence that focuses more on driving traffic, lead generation, and resulting sales (which will require you to maintain a digital dashboard to monitor site activity)
Advanced site that is an all-out digital system that tracks customers from the early stage of the buyer’s journey all the way through check out, up sells, and cross sells.

Digital Basics

Growing your digital presence takes a lot of focus and hard work. It’s not something you can just let run on its own and expect positive results. You will have to (1) learn about and implement effective search engine optimization (SEO) practices for your website, (2) realize that increased sales through the web will have to come from your strong efforts to be #1 to your customers, (3) give the best web experience possible, and (4) know that simply “maintaining” a website just won’t get it done; you have to take responsibility for the entire web effort. That’s what sets Spearhead apart from other digital marketers. We take a “Responsibility for Performance” view of our digital work. We don’t just leave you with a beautiful, finished site. You get our decades of digital experience standing right behind your business – and your customers will recognize the effort.


So, you now have all your digital pieces put together online. How will you know if your shiny new web marketing program is working? You could guess and hope, but you don’t do that in other parts of your business do you? There are many different measurement tools for digital marketing. Spearhead uses a handful of the top tools depending on our clients’ needs. Digital performance monitoring and measuring tools like ONTRAPORT, SEMrush, Hubspot, or Yext are often your only source of the vital data you need to adjust your digital footprint. We can show you have to leverage them.

Want to know more?

If that whet your whistle, download a copy of my white paper: “3 Fundamentals of Managing a Web Marketing Program.” In it you’ll discover more insights about web marketing and developing a success program to fit your business.

Contact us today to experience how Spearhead Sales and Marketing brings maximum, sustainable impact to businesses that are dedicated to optimized sales and growth. We focus on tailored programs in both the traditional and digital spaces that maximize relationship building, lead generation, innovative marketing technology tools, sales partnerships, digital services, and strategic planning and development to build your customer base and close sales. Spearhead will be your agency of record for record-breaking performance!

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