If you’ve made any type of Google search over the past couple of years (heck, the past couple of minutes!), you would have seen results called “rich snippets.” They usually consist of an image, maybe a rating, and a short description of the search result. This method of displaying search results is becoming more popular, useful, and necessary in the search engine world.

What Sort of Wizardry?

How would you like to give your customers a better search result about your product or service? Not just the standard text-only Google Ad result, but one with loads of information to help them make their buying decision that much easier?

Yoast, a digital marketing technology company offers training on how to create these rich snippets along with structured data, technical SEO, and many other topics. In their structured data course, they teach you how to:

  • Use structured data and turn it into rich snippets
  • Implement schema.org vocabulary and its code (explained in easy-to-understand language!)
  • Leverage digital tools to maximize structured data

There will also be an introduction to two key Google tools: Google Search Console and Google Data Highlighter. Understanding how to operate these tools, along with the latest developments in Yoast, Google, WordPress, and SEO in general will take you – and your search results – to the next level.

Door Prizes

When you complete the structured data training, not only will you be better prepared to improve your search engine results, you’ll receive a certificate of completion and a badge to place on your website that lets visitors know you’re an expert!

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