Funnels to Flywheels!

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New-Look Sales Process

At Spearhead Sales and Marketing, we focus on helping our customers optimize their sales and marketing efforts through strategic planning and marketing automation. It’s about the big picture – the strategic outlook to generate leads, serve customers, and increase profits. That’s business the way we see it.

For years, the sales funnel has been the go-to tool for marketing professionals and anyone in the business development world. Well, the funnel is about to be turned on its head – and we couldn’t be happier. Brian Halligan, CEO of HubSpot  (one of our most valued partners and pieces of marketing, sales, and customer service technology) has developed a new way of looking at those three key elements of our profession.

Fun with Flywheels

Most people are familiar with the simplicity and clarity of the traditional sales funnel. Here’s an image to help illustrate the point:

Funnels to Flywheel

Simple, easy to understand, and most importantly – effective. Keep the prospect moving through the funnel from awareness to interest to decision, and finally to action – and it will lead to a sale, right? Sure, but then what?

In an article [ ] by HubSpot’s Jon Dick, he outlines how the funnel works to a point, but looking at the process in terms of a flywheel may be a game changer. Here’s what a sales flywheel looks like:

Spearhead Sales & Marketing | flywheel

As Jon mentions in the article, once a flywheel starts it gains energy as you add more to it. In this case, when you attract a lead by providing value, then engage that lead by making shopping and buying from you easier, followed by delighting the lead through high-quality customer service, you provide value to the lead, keeping them engaged, the delighting them, and so on and so on. The difference is, the process doesn’t end with a sale. It continues with a relationship. That’s what gets our juices flowing at Spearhead! Building relationships, not just making sales.

Give it a Try!

Read the whole article then let us know what you think. We can help implement any number of strategic marketing, sales, and customer service systems to help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re comfortable with the funnel or want to try out the flywheel, Spearhead is dedicated to helping you find the right marketing mix for your particular business.

Contact us today to experience how Spearhead Sales and Marketing brings maximum, sustainable impact to businesses that are dedicated to optimized sales and growth. We focus on tailored programs in both the traditional and digital spaces that maximize relationship building, lead generation, innovative marketing technology tools, sales partnerships, digital services, and strategic planning and development to build your customer base and close sales. Spearhead will be your agency of record for record-breaking performance!

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