A digital program management dashboard is a tool that you can use to monitor your digital efforts. The data collected from your relevant sources is compiled into an easy to use, “one-stop shop” for you and your stakeholders to view your digital performance. Many different sites offer many different types of dashboards. There are way too many dashboard types and purposes to give the topic any justice here. Spearhead Sales and Marketing uses some of the top digital tools on the marketing for both our clients and ourselves, so we’ll narrow the discussion to those sites so you get a good picture of the importance of digital dashboards.

Do you really need a dashboard?

If you are conducting any business online you absolutely need some sort of dashboard to monitor your performance. Whether it’s to find out if you’re on track to meet your sales goals or you need to understand which social media marketing promotion is working, a digital dashboard will keep you in the know.

What type of dashboard do you need?

The type of data you plan on tracking and what your stakeholders may need will determine what type of dashboard will work best for you. There are some great examples of digital platforms that offer the right analytics and insights that you could leverage for your digital program. What’s great about dashboards is that you can create your own custom one with a simple Google or Excel spreadsheet or use the in-product layout. Either way, here are some examples that we use:

Competitor & Technical Research: SEMRush

If you’re looking for competitor research, website impact, and technical SEO assistance, SEMRush is the go-to site. There are loads of different research tools that you can use to compile a healthy dashboard. It can also be shared easily so your entire team can benefit.

Digital Advertising: AdRoll

Managing an ad campaign online can seem like a herding cats. There are so many pieces to keep track of if you’re doing it yourself. With AdRoll, all of those elements are brought together in an easy-to-use package. What makes it really stand out, is the AdRoll attribution that provides a real-time insight dashboard to keep track of your clicks, likes, and follows.

Campaign Support: ONTRAPORT

One of our favorite digital tools is ONTRAPORT. It’s a robust customer relationship management suite to help with sales support in a unique way. By mapping out all the steps in your sales and marketing process, you can get a bird’s eye view of your performance. From campaign building to predictive analytics, ONTRAPORT is a great resource for any sales and marketing effort. We use this every day!

Lead Generation & Management: HubSpot

Whether you’re in sales or marketing, HubSpot has a unique product to help measure your performance. Their Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, CRM, and Service Hubs are optimized for you to plan, complete, and measure creative campaigns as well as develop processes to help grow your business.

Branding: Yext

Monitoring your brand across many different platforms can be tough. We use Yext to give us the data we need in one place to show how a brand ranks in search, consumer interaction, and review analytics. You can also build custom reports to share the data as needed.

Content Creation: WPengine

When you’re developing content for a blog, it’s important to know how your post is doing. WordPress offers a simple, visual dashboard that optimizes Google Analytics – all while in the WordPress interface.

Using a digital dashboard to monitor performance is key to creating, maintaining, and optimizing a successful sales and marketing campaign. You have to know how you’re doing in order to make the right adjustments. We swear by digital dashboards to not only help our clients stay on track, but to keep our own marketing programs performing at their best. If you want to see how we use dashboards, drop us a line here.

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