Web Development

How Important Is Your Website?

Your Website Is Your Digital Hub And Should Do Three Things

Attract your targeted visitors.

Provide them with the content they want.

Give them an appropriate next step.

We Use WordPress

Most of the websites we build are built on WordPress.
It’s by far the most popular content management system (CMS).

There are instances when we build a proprietary CMS. This is typically when there is a huge amount of back-end data required for a front-end experience. South Bend Clutch is a great example.

In all cases, we thoroughly research online competition, search terms, organic traffic and paid traffic using SEMRush.  In some instances, we are able to find new prospects for our clients based on their current ideal clients. We call these “look-alike lists.”

What Level Of Performance Do You Need From Your Web Marketing Program?

On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re selling B2B technology, manufacturing equipment or supplies, there is a significant need to serve your clientele pre-sale. Statistics vary but the current rule-of-thumb as referred to in “The Buyer’s Journey, Demystified by Forrester” is that 60% of a buyer’s decision has been made by the time they talk to a salesperson!

Of course, if you’re an e-commerce business, it goes without saying that your web marketing program needs to be dialed in.

Website Packages

Level 1:  Credentials Site includes:

A brochure-style website that accurately represents your firm’s capabilities and establishes rapport.  Acquiring real-time data as key prospects visit your site and seeing what pages they visited.  Conducting basic keyword research to identify and analyze terminology used by your target audience for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Designing web pages and creating content that matches the user’s intent in order to drive organic website traffic from search engines.

Level 2: Lead-Generation Site

Level 2 Lead-Generation Site is where you can take advantage at a deeper level.  Leveraging your geographical scope and improving web performance through SEO and other marketing automation features to drive traffic, generate leads, and develop a process to nurture customers.  Collecting, grouping, and organizing your company’s important metrics to diagnose problems and zero in on opportunities through a Key Performance Indicators (KPI) dashboard.  A KPI dashboard assists in determining success indicators and helps you make informed decisions that bring you closer to achieving specific goals.  Optimizing your performance through SEO content, back-end technical structure, and a complete user experience.  

Level 3: E-Commerce

At this level, the majority of the buyer’s journey travels through a dialed-in digital system.  Spearhead uses marketing automation tools that are engineered internally to produce highly sophisticated, choreographed digital experiences.  Email notifications, text reminders, up-sell and cross-sell offers are just some options that can be pre-programmed based on the buyer’s progression through the sales funnel.  We pay special attention to SEO factors and will produce and implement high-end creative content to optimize system performance.  **Performance management and dashboard reporting is included in this package. 

These websites often times require advanced development and very special attention to SEO factors as well as high-end creative content. Everything else I described for the “Developing” stage in terms of performance management and dashboard reporting applies here as well.

Our team will then design a plan that focuses on your site’s infrastructure, content marketing, and SEMRush Keyword Visibility based on the criteria of the package chosen above. 


Spearhead will align your website’s infrastructure to support your consumers’ experience along the buyer’s journey. With your unique business requirements in mind, we will select the appropriate Content Management System (CMS) platform to create a user-friendly website that will optimally drive website traffic and conversions. We will ensure that the selected platform provides you with accessibility to manage content across multiple channels, track overall performance, and create personalized content targeted directly to individual customers. Our team understands the functionality and capabilities offered by each CMS platform and will ensure effective deployment of your digital strategy. A sound infrastructure ensures that both the back-end (user-facing) and the actual face of your website (consumer-facing) is optimized. We will also craft an SEO-friendly E-Commerce shopping cart to ensure the highest-quality customer experience.


Content Marketing

Spearhead has a team of content specialists who specialize in copywriting, graphic design, photography, and video production. Our team’s intellectual curiosity will help produce high-quality content that is relevant to the needs, desires, and interests of your consumers. All content is optimized for SEO keywords and user-experience. Consumer trust comes from conducting research, having goal-oriented content, and choosing the most engaging content that ties together your business’ objectives. We will identify the audience gap and curate content that nurtures customers through the sales funnel.


SEMRush Keyword Visibility

Utilizing SEMRush (an all-inclusive suite that optimizes SEO & Web performance), provides you with on-demand competitor analysis and on-point marketing analytics to help leverage your digital ranking. By finding profitable keywords Spearhead can develop content to target popular search terms and ultimately enhance your competitive position. SEMRush is trusted by 2,500,000+ users because of its ability to save time and money while simultaneously keeping your website ranking at the top of the world’s leading platforms.

Have your company operating under the most favorable circumstances on the world’s leading platforms with Your Spear.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • stoett.com – generating 1,000’s of leads per month and automatically dispatching them to dealers all over the country while also selling featured products online with an automatic ERP integration. There is a lot going on here.
  • southbendclutch.com – this a “Ferrari” of a website in terms of the massive parts database behind the “find a clutch” tool as well as the proprietary coding of the site and creative elements.

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