Chad Root

Chad Root


Chad knew two things from a young age: he was going to attend architecture school and he was a natural salesman and marketer. Not too many kids know that about themselves! Well, getting a drafting rule from his brother in the 6th grade really started the wheels turning, not to mention working with his hands on his family’s farm. Technical processes, accuracy, and measurements were cornerstones for his education and his future career. So, taking all he loved and learned, he earned a B.S. in Architecture from The Ohio State University*. Dream accomplished, right?

Not by a long shot. He needed to fully understand the sales and marketing side of business and entrepreneurialism, so he worked with three manufacturing companies to help increase their sales and gross margins. How? Closing deals with the largest clients in each of their respective industries. Now what does he do with an architecture, manufacturing, and sales and marketing background – along with an MBA from Case Western Reserve? Start a marketing automation and digital technology consulting firm specializing in manufacturing, but nimble and capable enough to help any business increase their bottom line. In 2006, Spearhead Sales and Marketing was born – and keeps going strong. *When you see him, ask about “that school up north.”

Favorite quote: “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” – Mike Ditka

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