We’re marketing experts. We’re not shy about saying that. Spearhead Sales and Marketing is dedicated to helping our clients leverage our digital and automated marketing services in order to sell more products or services to their customers.

What truly sets us apart, even though we know a lot about marketing, is that we don’t know everything. It makes good marketing sense, not to mention good business sense, to learn from other entrepreneurs, experts, and influencers.

Martin Cogburn of Ontraport, had the privilege of talking with four successful business owners who can provide some important insights about crafting an airtight marketing campaign. Here are some highlights:

Back to basics

As marketers, we can’t forget the basic points of what and why we do what we do. As mentioned in Martin’s article, “a marketing [strategy] or campaign is a coordinated effort designed to motivate a target audience to take a specific action.” Simple, right? Yes and no. Here are some points on how these experts approach it:

  • Envision your ideal customer when deciding on your target audience
  • Be consistent in your messaging; don’t forget to personalize too!
  • Set simple, attainable, realistic goals for your campaign; you’re not to going to conquer the world on your first try!

Getting it done

When you begin creating the content and “operationalizing” the campaign, it’s vital that you use examples that are effective. Pay attention to content you see. Understand that it’s serving a specific pain point or interest.

  • Always look to help your customer solve a problem.
  • Make sure to customize your content depending on the distribution channel.
  • Go where your customers are – and speak their language!

Measure, measure, measure

How will you know if you’re on the right track to achieving your business goals if you don’t measure SEO & Web Performance your progress? Establishing some sort of measurement (key performance indicators, etc.) is crucial to helping you know when to adjust your campaign spend, what tools are effective, or when to completely change the campaign’s course.

  • Your measurements will change depending on the type of campaign you’re running.
  • Make sure to keep your lists clean as you gain more insight into your contact campaigns.
  • Use any spare time to learn, but be wary of chasing the next shiny thing that takes you off track!

These are just some highlights from this great article. Click here to read (and learn) more!

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