A business associate tells the story about how as a kid, he played hide-and-go-seek with his siblings. Most of the time, he scurried to the best hiding place possible as one of his sisters or brothers counted and then announced, “Ready or not, here I come.” Because his goal was to stay hidden. However, when his youngest sister or brother was doing the seeking, he would sometimes do something unusual. He deliberately hid in a spot where they would easily find him, so they wouldn’t get discouraged.

The losing game plan: Searching for leads through unsolicited contacts

The traditional way in which business people find sales prospects and try to convert them into good leads is similar to hide-and-go-seek. Because the conventional method of lead generation focuses on finding hidden prospects. This is why you buy leads, disseminate emails to prospective companies, use cold calling and similar tactics.

If you’re currently engaged in this email marketing system, and you’re failing to get good results, it’s time to change your game plan. Do what my friend did as a kid, when he had mercy on his little brother and sister. Position yourself to get found. Of course, in your case, you want to get found by companies which fit your profile.

The winning game plan: Getting found through relationship-building

Think about it. How do you usually shop for products or services these days? Chances are you use the internet and social media to track down everything from a contractor to repaint your hallway to a new truck.

The business owners you’re trying to reach and convert into viable leads shop the same way you do. In fact, they’re likely to use the internet and social media platforms to find out a great deal about your company even before they talk to one of your sales people.

Also, they’re unlikely to respond favorably to your email messages. In this regard, LinkedIn expert Melonie Dodaro, says in her book, LinkedIn Unlocked, “90% of decision makers state that they absolutely will not buy from a cold call or an unsolicited email.”

LinkedIn Targeted Sales Generator: Proven and effective lead generation

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